Empty "Aborted (core dumped)" on executing AppImage I've built

Hello! I’m trying to create an AppImage of ClickHouse DBMS.

Exactly what I’m trying to do is create an AppImage of “clickhouse” binary executable, which contains all ClickHouse functionality (for example, you can download it for your operating system from the official website, so it means that it’s self-explanatory and doesn’t need any third party resources).

I’ve created normal AppDir/ directory with: usr/bin/clickhouse, AppRun, clickhouse.desktop and terminal-icon-256.png.


[Desktop Entry]



HERE="$(dirname "$(readlink -f "${0}")")"
exec ${EXEC} "$@"

Then I use appimage-tool:

ARCH=x86_64 ./appimagetool-x86_64.AppImage AppDir

It successfully ends and creates clickhouse-x86_64.AppImage.
Which then I use with different arguments and all works just fine (like status, client, etc…). But when I try to run likely the most important part of ClickHouse:

./clickhouse-x86_64.AppImage server

it outputs to the console:

Aborted (core dumped)

And nothing else.

Of course, when I try just to run

./AppDir/usr/bin/clickhouse server

everything works.

It seems that packaging it in AppImage breaks something, but I don’t know exactly what.
Can you please guide me, and show where at least start to research this problem?

So I’ve learned that this happens on the exiting from configure function of LoggingConfigurator of Poco C++ library, which looks like this:

void LoggingConfigurator::configure(AbstractConfiguration* pConfig)
	poco_check_ptr (pConfig);

	AutoPtr<AbstractConfiguration> pFormattersConfig(pConfig->createView("logging.formatters"));

	AutoPtr<AbstractConfiguration> pChannelsConfig(pConfig->createView("logging.channels"));

	AutoPtr<AbstractConfiguration> pLoggersConfig(pConfig->createView("logging.loggers"));

Other interesting note, is that is calls destructor of pLoggersConfig, comes to the end of it, and then aborts.

I have no idea what the LoggingConfigurator of Poco C++ library is trying to do. But in case it wants to write somewhere, be aware that the AppImage is read-only and you cannot write there. Need to write to $HOME/somewhere.

What happens if you run ./AppDir/AppRun?