May need help on my VSCodium AppImage

Hi, I am new to AppImage.

I would like to help on creating more AppImages for the community, so I start from my favourite text editor: VS Code. But I found there’s some issue over the VS Code, so I tried on creating VSCodium AppImage instead (which is VS Code w/o proprietary things).

I got the .deb binary file, extracted and arranged roughly following AppDir format. Everything’s set and I ran appimagetool, produced VSCodium AppImage, and ran it. However, the terminal didn’t return any error message, but the thing just not showing up. But if I ran AppRun file, it works.

Is there anything I missed during the package preparation? Hope I could get help. You can download my AppDir here.

Hi. Please work with the respective application projects to get them to produce official AppImages.

An official VSCodium AppImage is available now: