Question on creating Mono appimage

hi, sorry to bother you. I am trying to package this game as appimage.
install instruction here:
source code here:

I am not a Developer for the game but while they don’t mind having a working Linux version, none have the mean nor the drive to make one [opensource after all]

I checked the Mono wiki section but it seem like appimage mono not working at the moment.

I’ve tried Mono Kickstart [a implementation for portable mono app] but it seem out of date and unusable.

I just want to ask if it’s possible now for package mono appimage? [wiki time stamp was nearly a year ago]

if it is possible, how easy is it? especially for someone with minimal programming experience [i.e. me]. Even the most basic thing of packaging precompiled executive would do.

Thank you in advance for your time and effort in this matter.

Please ask the developer of the game to provide an AppImage. We do not have the resources to support applications without the support of the application developer, sorry.

Maybe using dotnet publish would work?

See this .NET Core AppImage example of how to deploy .NET Core (Mono) applications as an AppImage using dotnet publish -f netcoreapp3.1 -r linux-x64 from within a .cs program.