Pack mono gtk-sharp application as AppImage


Hello everybody,

I’m developer of AudioCuesheetEditor and would like to pack my application as an AppImage, but don’t know, where to start. I use fedora 28 with KDE environment.
To the application: It’s a mono gtk-sharp application, which also needs external libraries (SFML,CSFML,etc).
I’m not completely new to packaging, I also provided fedora RPMs some time ago, but now I would like to do the packaging more distribution open, so that’s why I’m here. I would like to deploy pre build binaries, what is the best way to do so? Is there some kind of spec to write? How do I get an AppImage?

Thanks for your help.


I haven’t packaged anything myself in AppImage format, but unless I’m wrong, AppImageKit is where you should start, specifically the appimagetool section on the Readme.


As for Mono, I am really not an expert on it but there are some notes on

Perhaps @Juniorsnet knows more.


Well thanks for your response. I’m not familiar with AppImage, so where do I start? I also read about the appimagetool, but how do I install it? And how do I use it? There must be some kind of specification, to tell the tool how to bundle my binaries, or am I missing something?


Please see and please let’s know here if you are missing any information thereafter. Thanks.


Maybe this script can help:
I have also mentioned this here:


Thank you. Very helpful.

To everyone packaging Mono/Gtk# applications as AppImages, please let us know here.