Library in AppDir not loaded


I created an appimage that works fine on the original machine. However the ubuntu test fails. (with no error messages) On a newer ubuntu in a vm, it doesnt run. I tried to start it with LD_DEBUG=libs, and the last lib it tries to load is /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ . So I added that to the AppDir. But although the lib is installed there, the appimage still tries to load it from /lib/x86…etc. Does this mean that this path is hardcoded somewhere?.. what is the best way to find it?


Hi, I’m not an expert in AppImages and don’t the particular answer to this problem, but try using strace to get more information, ie “strace ./my.AppImage”. This produces a lot of output so you probably want to redirect output to a file for easier study. HTH.

thnx I will try that too. For now the problem went away: the main app was a python script that I set as ececutable for appimage-builder. Afer setting python itself as executable, and my app as argument, the problem went away…

@azubieta maybe you can chime in here?

the approach taken by @josvanr is correct. The AppImages made using appimage-builder should use a binary as entrypoint so the AppRun can properly configure the runtime environment. This should be improved in the next release. But some additional testing is still required, if you would like to help please use the latest code from the appimage-builder master branch