APPRUN_ERROR: No such file or directory


I’m created an AppImage on Ubuntu 20.04 with appimage-builder but when I try to execute the message APPRUN_ERROR: No such file or directory is shown. This is a very simple app with a library and single executable. The code can be seen on GitHub - rokorob/appimage. From what I can tell there is a problem with the interpreter. I’m not sure what I’ve done incorrectly, help is appreciated.


Hello @rlake. For appimage-builder related questions, best check appimage-builder documentation — appimage-builder 0.8.8 documentation and if that doesn’t provide an answer, open a ticket in Issues · AppImageCrafters/appimage-builder · GitHub. I don’t think the author of appimage-builder reads here regularly.

This error usually happens when your exec path is wrong. Please make sure it’s something like this usr/bin/myapp in the recipe and in the .env file inside the AppDir it should look like this $APPDIR/usr/bin/myapp.