Compiled on 14.04 Not Working on 16.04 or 16.10

I’ve compiled EmbroiderModder2 from source over at GitHub.

I compiled it on a derivative of Ubuntu 14.04 using a live image. I can run it on my main installed OS of Zorin OS 9 (14.04) and I can run it off a live image of Kubuntu 14.04, however, none of the 16.04 or 16.10 live images that I’ve tried seem to work.

I put in all the dependences that were listed on the GitHub site (including build dependencies). I used checkinstall to create a deb package after qmake for building.

Any thoughts, ideas?

Hi @wwderw, please post the error messages, the AppImage and the script you used to generate it. If done right, your AppImage should run on newer versions as well.

I see that builds are being done on - these could be packaged up as AppImages like these projects already do.

Attached is the error message that I get. Only on 16.04 systems. On my 14.04 (where I complied it), it works fine on that live image and on my production rig.

I know that you deprecated some things, I have no idea where to start on building it using other methods then what was described in your presentation. Although I was never able to be able to use the command create-appimage, it always said “command not found”, so I’m sure there is something that I have done wrong there. Again, I only possess enough knowledge it seems to think that I can bundle up apps myself that don’t come already packaged as an appimage. Unless I have dummied down step by step, it seems that I have a hard go of it.

I wish more projects would provide already built appimages.

I appreciate any and all help.

Have you seen

The error above looks to me like Qt was not bundled properly (which can be a bit tedious; so I recommend to convert existing binary packages. This option might be the easiest if you already have up-to-date packages in place, ideally a ppa for trusty or earlier or a debian repository for oldstable. In this case, you can write a small .yml file and in many cases are done with the package to AppImage conversion. This handles Qt automatically for you.

There are many examples on