Questions regarding linuxdeploy output

Hi. I recently posted about allowing “modern” versions going forward (ie., not having to or being able to support LTR 16.04 and 18.04). Related to that I have 5 questions (and one remark) regarding the linuxdeploy output.

First, as I mentioned in the other post, I am building my appimage against Kubuntu 20.04. My app is a qt5 app. I had mentioned that my current appimage works great with any current linux distro but that I had to fiddle with the appimage to make it work fedora 32. The “fiddle” was the discovery that it wouldn’t work because it was missing …/usr/bin/Platforms (qt Platforms from qt plugin directory). I just wanted to mention this because I did use the appimage qt plugin to build and maybe the platform issue is overlooked by the plugin?

On to the output questions:

Skipping deployment of blacklisted library /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
This is the enforcement of the must work with 16.04 requirement, right?

WARNING: Not calling strip on binary /home/juus/RCWork/AppImages/commandoo.AppDir/usr/lib/ rpath starts with $
I had a lot of these! In fact, as far as I can tell, every lib file had this warning…have I done something wrong?
[appimage/stderr] fatal: not a git repository (or any parent up to mount point /home/juus)
Soooo, fatal? This was the first line of several that dealt somehow with git repos. I am building in a simple folder outside of my git enabled development folders. Is this a problem?
[appimage/stdout] /home/juus/RCWork/AppImages/commandoo.AppDir/commandoo.desktop: warning: value “” for key “Path” in group “Desktop Entry” does not look like an absolute path
I had followed, I thought, the recommendations for the .desktop file, so I left the PATH= blank. It says “absolute path”, what should I put, then, in the PATH entry?
[appimage/stdout] Exportable Squashfs 4.0 filesystem, gzip compressed, data block size 131072
[appimage/stdout] compressed data, compressed metadata, compressed fragments, compressed xattrs
[appimage/stdout] duplicates are removed
Then, 7 lines later, it says:
[appimage/stdout] Number of duplicate files found 28
Soooo, is this my fault? Should I be doing something?

Thanks for any insight. I am not always online so I may be delayed in responding to any questions, thanks for your patience.

Hi @Juuliuus, welcome to AppImage.

Regarding “modern” versions: I don’t think it’s best practice to assume that all users always have the latest OS version. Hence I want to ensure that applications are built in a way that allows them to run on all still-supported mainstream distributions, especially all still-supported Ubuntu versions. Which for practical reasons means that one should not compile on any system newer than the oldest still-supported Ubuntu LTS. (This has nothing to do with AppImage specifically - if I was developing an Android app, I would also want to make sure that it runs e.g., on Android 5 and up rather than just on Android 10 which practically no one has yet.)

Please ask linuxdeploy related questions in because its author doesn’t read here.


Hi, Ok, will do. I’ve actually already figured out a number of my questions myself.