AppImage don't track Qt plugins dependency!

I created (notably with your help) AppImage with my simple programmer editor. Problem is with it that it does not work outside my development enviroment. I created it on distro Ubuntu 18.04 LTS compatible (Kubutntu 18.04 LTS), and it works on KDE Neon 18.04 LTS. But it does not work on Debian 9. This is Qt based app. It seems that Qt plugins dependency is not tracked. I can’t recal exact error message, but I can it reproduce as soon as I return to work in the monday 2019-08-19.

Do you have some usefull hints for users confront missing dependencies for Qt plugins?!?

How did you produce the AppImage? If you used linuxdeployqt, please open an issue with the details(!) at, thanks.