AppImage for Wine + .NET runtime included

Has anyone had luck creating an AppImage for a .NET app? I have seen Windows apps but they don’t seem to rely on .NET. I’ve spent a fair bit of time on this myself but gave up because the .NET installation inside an AppImage somehow becomes corrupted.

I really doubt this has anything to do with AppImage. I’ve had success with fairly complex Windows applications and WINE inside AppImages. Please see

Why not calling winetricks from appimage to install .Net runtimes then run your app after and also you can pack winetricks cache folder then copy back to home .cache to avoid downloading it with winetricks when first run.
You will also need to store winetricks on bin, download it from git simple search will show on google.
No need to store prefix to appimage OR you can if want to experiment more.

Anyways good luck.

Yeah that is exactly what I tried, but winetricks fails to install .NET that way “properly”. For some reason the .NET verification app fails when .NET is installed by winetricks inside an AppImage.

I’ve had a look at but it says:

CAUTION: The information on this page reflects ongoing research. Do not rely on it yet.

I need this for production so I’m ignoring the page for now.

Yeah wine has issues as well winetricks saw on their git too, I’ve also tried to install 3.5 multiple times failing to complete. Still though manage to create non .Net wine appimages for personal use that are working good.