AppImage not working after installing Wine on Ubuntu

I am not able to launch any AppImage file after I installed Wine in my Ubuntu (18.10) system. Ubuntu considering AppImage files as Wine application.
How to reset it back to AppImage?


Good question. What happens if you (temporarily) uninstall WINE, does it work again then?

The AppImage I was trying to execute is of balenaetcher.AppImage. When I tried to run from console it shows some dependency error. I downloaded newer version of AppImage file and after making it executable, didn’t face the issue.
The newer issue I am facing is I lost the AppImage Icon. It is showing all AppImage file icon as wine binary file.

The Etcher AppImage is/was missing a library. Maybe they have finally been able to fix it.

Do you have the optional appimaged installed, and/or an AppImage thumbnailer? Otherwise the AppImage file will not show the application icon.