32bit program, running on 64

I have a binary 32bit program, I tried in some way for running it on 64bit OS, But I couldn’t.
Can I create a AppImage for doing it?

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I, too, was wondering this as I have a use case where this could come in useful.
Is this possible?

Yes, it can be done. But there is currently no tool that can do it fully automatically. Which application are you trying to bundle as an AppImage?

We have a 32bit ghost binary that we use for disk imaging. I was hoping to be able to wrap this single binary with its dependencies so that we can run it on a 64bit-only distro.

You need to bundle ld-linux and all needed 32-bit libraries inside the AppImage. Doable, but manual work at the moment.

Hmm, alright, cool! That tracks with my assumptions about how appimage works.
I assume that I can read how to do that in the documentation.
I just didn’t want to beat my head against the wall trying to do something that isn’t supported by the framework.