64bit .DEB -> ar x -> build AppImage on 64bit Fedora 26?



https://bisq.network/downloads does not have any RPM packages but I found if I extract the 64bit DEB archive on my Fedora 26 x86_64 workstation I can run the application from the installed directory just fine. For other, less literate Linux users, it would be good to have an AppImage version available but from reading some of the stuff on the forum I am still not sure that the AppImage version of Bisq that I could build from this extracted file system will work for other people - obviously it won’t work on 32bit machines but what other limitations would there be?


Almost there but getting: "execv error: Exec format error"

Please request an AppImage from the Bisq developers. I am happy to help them if needed. Thanks.


@probono ,

They are overwhelmed with the usual stuff - I have sort of taken on the job of getting the AppImage done f I can find the time myself - I have been around Linux from near the beginning but I would probably need a little help to get the AppImage going . .



Please see these instructions: