Building an AppImage for Java applications

Recently, I created a little script to download and build an AppImage for Minecraft ( from the official tarball, and I foolishly forgot about the most important part! The JRE itself. Taking a look into it, it seems Oracle has really tightened up its restrictions on distributing the JRE binaries, so unfortunately it looks like I won’t be able to legally distribute my personal JRE AppImage with it. Is there any possible way around this? I took a look at the JAR to AppImage thread from a few years ago, but none of that will work now due to the new restrictions. If there’s a way to wget the binaries, I could integrate it into my project due to still being personal use for the users, but even that seems like hell now. There seems to be no easy way to automate downloading it, if possible at all. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Nevermind, I was able to solve my own issue with a bit more digging. A pipeline parsing the OpenJDK download page seems to be a decent solution