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Hello, :slightly_smiling_face:

Just wanted to let you know that I maintain the following apps as AppImages for anyone interested:

  • DBeaver
  • GlyphrStudio
  • JavaDecompiler
  • KeystoreExplorer
  • NextReportsDesigner
  • RESTClient
  • SweetHome3D

You can download them at:

I build these AppImages directly from their official binaries using bash scripts that are available at:

Cheers! :beer:

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Hello @brotenet, thanks for your great work. Have you considered to contact the upstream application authors and contribute your AppImage work into their official upstream repositories and build processes, and get them officially supported by the authors?

In general, we don’t encourage users to download applications from anyone else but the original authors of the applications.

Hi @probono,

I thought about it, but first I need to find the time to move the build process from the bash build scripts to .yml descriptions and automate them on Travis (…the way it should be).
After that, I guess, I will try to get the project owners to accept the them as official builds.


Please avoid “URL shortening” services. They’re not trustworthy, and also not necessary here.

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