Bintray is gone?

Today, I tried to visit Probono’s Bintray web page – the central of AppImages downloads provided by @probono – but I got redirected to JFrog website. The original URL is this Center Sunset | JFrog and the redirected URL is that Center Sunset | JFrog. If you wish to see the original web page, visit Internet Archive (the internet time machine) saved page per March 2021. I am truly grateful to AppImage technology probono invented and I just want to report this issue. Thank you very much.

Greetings from Indonesia,


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Hello @Malsasa. Bintray has closed. It will not come back.
If you are looking for an AppImage of a certain application, it’s best to ask the authors of that application for an official AppImage. (The ones in my Bintray repository were only for test purposes anyway and not official.)

Thank you very much, @Probono. That method is true and I saw nobody
except you that makes effort so much to ask every single software
developer to provide AppImage.

It’s designed so that each application developer makes their own AppImage. Not one person all the AppImages for all the applications :slight_smile:

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Yes, I am aware of that. I believe thanks to you now LibreOffice,
Krita, Inkscape, OpenRA and provide their software
as AppImages. Thank you very much for your efforts and patience making
this dream a reality. However, I am replying from email.