Segmentation Faults

I am using the latest PureOS
I have installed three AppImage applications.

Two are working fine.

The third one ShuffleStudy is working on my Linux Mint 19 but it is not working on the PureOS 8.0

when running GUI then simply nothing happens.
When running from terminal this returns:
sherab@sherab-pc:~$ ./ShuffleStudy-1.4.3-x86_64.AppImage
installed: X-AppImage-BuildId=97587930-4842-11a9-0af8-17c2a8c48791 image: X-AppImage-BuildId=97587930-4842-11a9-0af8-17c2a8c48791
Segmentation fault

Any ideas what to do next?

./ShuffleStudy-1.4.3-x86_64.AppImage -d
Returns the same as above.


Thanks, I am running ShuffleStudy through the automated tests for being included in Let’s see how that goes.

It does pass the test on Ubuntu xenial there. I don’t know why it does not run on PureOS 8.0. PureOS is currently not one of our targeted distributions.

You could sudo strace -f ./Your.AppImage and see if you can find out what the issue is.

Yes I knew it works with Ubuntu.

The sudo command did return a very long something - but to no avail.
I got the appimage working on a container with a gui so that’s fine.
Of course it would have been nicer if it worked directly on the OS.

We do not support PureOS but maybe you want to open an issue there so that they make their system more fully Ubuntu binary compatible.