How to integrate an appimage into plasma kde?


I am trying an appimage but not installing it does not integrate well with the graphical desktop theme.

How can I get a correct graphic integration like the rest of the applications?

Thank you.

Does this happen with all AppImages or only with some? To test, please try the (known good) KDevelop AppImage from their website.

This is what I have been told by the keepassxc team:

Unfortunately, there isn’t (unless you are using Ubuntu 14.04 maybe).
The AppImage ships its own Qt and can therefore not make use of your
system’s theme. For better integration, I suggest you look for a native
package for your distribution.

A pity that the appimage are not integrated with the graphic theme of the distro. That way I do not feel like using them.

Does this also happen with the KDevelop AppImage?

Kdevelop appimage looks good

So please tell the keepassxc team to do what Kdevelop does :wink:

Not so easy. KDevelop uses a custom Style (breeze i think or even the succesor of it). And also bundels the kde-theme (KDE has a own way of theming). It would be good to have some integration. I know its not that easy but we might can do something about it. Icon theme is one thing, the other is style config (or better QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME).

KDE People use special extensions to make this work for flatpack:
I know AppImage is different (as it does not has different run-times etc.) but we might be still bundle some of the things?