Which desktops/distributions actively support AppImages?

I want to provide some documentation to the user of my AppImage. The most important (since most complicated) part is desktop integration.

I am using KDE Neon. KDE Neon obviously has no built-in support for AppImages and it also doesn’t come with appimaged pre-installed. I will recommend the installation of appimaged to the users. So for KDE Neon it is clear to me what to document.

However what about other desktops and distributions? Can somebody tell me (or link me to some web-resource) if there are any desktops/distributions that come with built-in AppImage support or that have appimaged pre-installed?

appimaged is not tailored to any particular desktop environment, so it can run on GNOME, elementary OS, XFCE, Budgie,… etc. just as well.

At this moment, the only distribution known to me that ships with some form of desktop integration enabled out of the box is Nitrux OS.