How to intergrate ZohoMail (as an appimage) to my menu

Hi there,

I really love these Appimages. I have many many of them. But it would be great if someone could assist me on how to intergrate them into the menu.

I am running Fedora 33 Cinammon, Fedora 33 Gnome and Linux Mint 20.1 (Cinammon) and also Solus Budgie (latest release as of today)

App Images I love and use daily are

Tutanota Email

Please check the following link for a list of tools that can be used to integrate AppImges into the desktop environment.


…and even more options here

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Thanks so much ! Sorry for delay I will read that now

So basically if I’m running gnome or cinnamon desktop environment I would simply drag and drop the app image into the applications folder?

It depends on which of the various system integration tools you are using.
Wit go-appimage appimaged you wouldn’t even have to move it anywhere, because the Downloads folder is watched for AppImages and they are integrated automatically.