Problem with desktopintegration


I am trying to add desktop integration to my AppImage (on CentOS 7), but not matter what I try the dialog which asks for integration doesn’t show up (I tried the subsurface demo and with that the dialog appears, so must be something I am doing wrong).

Perhaps someone has an idea what I am doing wrong?

I have the desktopintegration script in ./usr/bin/ThePawn.wrapper
(with x-rights for all)

In the file ./ThePawn.desktop I have the following lines:
[Desktop Entry]
Comment=The Pawn Remastered

Additionally I have the following icon files in the appdir:

The app itself works perfectly. It just gets started without asking for desktop integration. Perhaps I should add that it is a Qt 5.8 application and the AppImage is ctreated with linuxdeployqt. Not sure if it matters.

Any help is highly appreciated!

AppImages created with linuxdeployqt directly launch the application and ignore the desktop file since AppRun is a symlink, rather than an executable that parses the desktop file.

I can post a procedure for how to change this manually if you really need it.

Otherwise I recommend to use the appimaged daemon which can integrate AppImages into the desktop automatically for you.

yes, would be great if you can guide me on how to change this. appimaged is a very nice tool, but it would require to be installed on the target machines. So it would be great to have an option without the daemon.

Can you please send me a link to your ThePawn.AppImage so that I can fix it?

Thanks a lot for your offer. Meanwhile I fixed this by myself after your hint at the symlink. I replaced the symlink with a real AppRun app and rearranged some of the files (qml and the qt plugins into usr/bin). Seems to work now!

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