Stop appimage from asking to integrate


Sorry if this has been answered, but a search through the discussions here has not led me to finding the answer.

I store my apps (both appimages and those I get via a tarball) under a special location.


When I put an appimage in there, every time I try to run it, it wants to “integrate” it into my system. Is there any way to tell it to stop asking me that? If not, can I extract the appimage and then simply use it as though it were a tarball?


Put an empty file in one of these locations:

  • $HOME/.local/share/appimagekit/no_desktopintegration
  • /usr/share/appimagekit/no_desktopintegration
  • /etc/appimagekit/no_desktopintegration

Thank you for your assistance (I had meant to write back earlier but forgot to do so).

I appreciate it!