How to create app image from a script files

Hi there
I am new to software development and I don’t know about any programing languages. However I learned the basics of Java(Block Coding) and Python. And also I know about Linux Commands Recently I’ve heard about AppImages and I want to create one for theming my gnome desktop.

I have a folder with an Script file) and assets folder for theming.

cp -r -f .assets/Ant-Nebula /home/"$(whoami)"/.themes
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-theme Ant-Nebula
gsettings set name "Ant-Nebula"

These are the commands i wrote in script file.
When I click the app image (that contains also assets in it) then the script need to run and need to copy assets to .themes folder. Can I make an appimage like that .

Thank You

Hello @Newtron and thanks for your interest in AppImage. As the name implies, AppImage is for applications (“App”) and not for themes.

Please ask the author(s) of your favorite applications to provide an AppImage, if you like to see one. A theme is not an application though.