Is AppImage suitable for packaging of many (Perl) scripts?

The problem I want to solve is:

I have written about 100 CLI programs in Perl und bash:

Some Linux distributions have either no Perl at all or a broken Perl
version (buggy SSL/TLS, etc).

My idea now is to put everything in a AppImage package (eg fexappimg) including a complete
Perl runtime with all necessary libraries.

I think this is possible :slight_smile:
BUT… how can a user access these programs easily?
Do they have to install starter scripts for every program, like:

exec fexappimg fexsend “$@”

exec fexappimg fexget “$@”

exec fexappimg xx “$@”

exec fexappimg xxx “$@”


Maybe I have missed something essential or missunderstood the basic
concecpt of AppImage?