Is AppImage suitable for packaging of many (Perl) scripts?

The problem I want to solve is:

I have written about 100 CLI programs in Perl und bash:

Some Linux distributions have either no Perl at all or a broken Perl
version (buggy SSL/TLS, etc).

My idea now is to put everything in a AppImage package (eg fexappimg) including a complete
Perl runtime with all necessary libraries.

I think this is possible :slight_smile:
BUT… how can a user access these programs easily?
Do they have to install starter scripts for every program, like:

exec fexappimg fexsend “$@”

exec fexappimg fexget “$@”

exec fexappimg xx “$@”

exec fexappimg xxx “$@”

Maybe I have missed something essential or missunderstood the basic
concecpt of AppImage?

The basic concept is “one app = one file”. Like .exe on Windows or .app on the Mac.

This being said, what you are asking for can be achieved by using symlinks and an AppRun script.

The AppRun script used by go-appimage’s appimagetool recently got this feature: