How to build an Avogadro AppImage using the OBS? Sources and dependencies issues


Now I know AppImages are meant to be built by upstream developers, but there’s a discussion there (#874), that I started, but I started it around a year ago and it seems to have stagnated, I think things will speed up if I made the AppImage myself.

The problem is providing dependencies. What distribution does the AppImage OBS target build against? That way I can query what packages are available for said distro and know which I can list in the YAML as dependencies (and hence which ones I have to package instead). I’ve tried building Avogadro2 too, but the repository has several submodules that need to be initiated and OBS gives an error as it doesn’t seem to handle submodules well. If I knew how to get the YAML to package from tar archives instead of source repositories (as the AppImage template the OBS provides doesn’t show how to use anything but source repo types) I might succeed with these efforts.

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Here is a video I made that shows how to make an AppImage for that particular application, and send a pull request to the upstream developers (so that it can be officially maintained by them):

Regarding your OBS questions, these are questions best asked in a OBS support forum.


Might be somewhat off topic but I answered a question on Quora relevant to AppImages, if you care to review — It’s almost time for me to nap so I’ll view this video tomorrow perhaps. Thanks for taking the time to do this, granted I doubt it’ll solely be to my benefit, but given you used my request as an example it is definitely more relevant to my query. :smile:

I’ve viewed a few minutes of the video prematurely and I’d like to give you one tip. You know when you’re trying to figure out what language the repository is mostly written in? GitHub is great because it uses a tool called linguist to determine the language composition (programming language, that is) of GitHub repositories and displays the results. See where my mouse cursor is in the below screenshot?

That pink-dark grey-light grey-blue-… line? Click it and it’ll tell you the approximate language composition of the repository:

Thanks for the hint.