Newb questions, SOS

Can I build an Appimage from an app that I have already compiled and have working in my system? If so is there some instructions somewhere?

Is there less convolution instructions on how to build an Appimage from source?

Does someone just want to do it for me so I can be lazy and not have to learn something new? (Just kidding)

I am new to Linux and am running Manjaro. I don’t have a problem getting programs installed but would really like to learn how to make Appimages. I have tried and beyond the examples given in the guides I have looked at I can’t seem to make an Appimage of something I want.

cgethycx (c g ethics)

Please ask the authors of the application to provide an officially-supported AppImage.

Thanks for the reply, but that doesn’t answer my questions and is the complete opposite of trying to learn how to do something on my own.

Easy: Write your own app, make an AppImage of it :wink:

I am no longer wasting my time trying to guess how applications work the authors of which are not actively collaborating in making an AppImage. I am happy to help application authors to make AppImages of their applications though.