Using to create an AppImage for a Qt program

Hi :slight_smile:

I’m trying to create an AppImage for a Qt program via I find this a bit confusing, so perhaps it’s only a usage problem with that service someone can help me about here.

First of all, apparently it’s not possible to create a 32 bit AppImage, is this right? The service complained about “Nothing provides linuxdeployqt” or such, I could only even start a try to build my program using x86_64.

Next thing is that the build fails due to the Qt version. I need at least Qt 5.7. The server provides 5.6.2. I think using quite old versions of glibc, gcc and probably also Qt is intended to be as compatible as possible with many distributions. But is is possible to get at least Qt 5.7?

Thanks for all help!

Hi, thanks for your interest in AppImage. The Open Build Service at is indeed a great way to make AppImages, but please understand that I cannot provide support for OBS here, as I don’t know which versions of which libraries and tools OBS currently offers for which platforms at any given point in time.

Hence please ask in one of the OBS support channels.
Thanks for your understanding.