Managing dependencies


I’m thinking about packaging a large app with app image.
My issue is that it is a lot of work to deal with third party libraries, maintain them, build as static libraries, …
I like app image design but to be really useful to me, I’d need a solution to easily build my “platform sdk”. Something like buildroot but for my app dependencies.

How do you guys solve this task?

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Hi @abique and welcome to AppImage.

What goes inside an AppImage can be made in many various ways, and is not entirely in scope for the AppImage project itself. (Like the Mac dmg format does not really tell you how to produce what goes into it.)

I am aware of at least 2 projects that may be helpful for you:

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Thank you very much.
Yes I know it is out of scope, but as it is a common problem I believed that somebody could share best practice to solve it.

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