Fusesmb tmp dir left behind

I used the Kate AppImage several times on a distant shared server. The admin of the server just contacted me to signal stalled dirs in /tmp with names of the form .mount_Kate-xjl6a8b. He was not able to remove them even as root. After searching, we found that we were able to force unmount them and manually remove the dirs.

I suspect that unexpected disconnects killed some instances of the app and left that behind. If it is the case, I consider that it is a bug (A failed X session should not abandon files or processes behind, furthermore if not accessible) but from what ? Kate, the AppImage, the filesystem, … ?

What do you think ? And is it the good place to report this problem ?

Hello @kleag. Whenever the main payload application (e.g., Kate) exits, then the temporary mountpoint should get unmounted. If this is not the case, then it is a bug. Does this happen only with Kate or with all AppImages? If the former is the case, please file a bug with Kate. If the latter is the case, please file a bug with Issues · AppImage/AppImageKit · GitHub.


Thanks @probono. I reproduced with kate again and another appimage (randomly selected, not kate nor kde related). Both cleaned up their mounts in /tmp if just closing the terminal from which they were started. But both kept their tmp dirs when killed with kill -9. So, with kill -9 it is not surprising that the tmp dir is not removed. But as it belongs to root, it is a problem though. Does this identify as a bug?

If you kill -9 the AppImage, then the AppImage has no chance of cleaning up. There is nothing it can do at that point.

But why is your directory root-owned?