Bad permissions while Appimage run/mount

While running an AppImage, it’s beeing mounted (without possibility for the user to select where it should be mounted) into the “/tmp” directory.

It’s beeing either mounted as read-only or with incorrect permissions, that even as the root user fail to change the ownership, permissions or to change anything in the mounted Appimage


  • System: Debian 10 (64-bit Linux)

If other informations are required then please ask because I don’t know what is needed :wink:

AppImages are always read-only because they use SquashFS. If you’re trying to modify the contents, you need to use ‘–appimage-extract’ on the AppImage in question. It’ll give you a directory called ‘squashfs-root’ in there you can modify the contents, then rebuild the AppImage with appimagetool (you have to download that though).

I have few ideas related to this issue about with I would like to hear your opinion. How about doing some changes:

  1. add option to enter the directory where the AppImage should be extracted when using the “–appimage-extract” parameter

  2. add option to enter where the AppImage “mounted” files will be placed

ad. 2:

it would be a great idea if the AppImage would be mounted instead of default location (/tmp) either in a sub-folder of the AppImage or in a user given location. This would easy up the usage because there won’t be need to search the application in a (usually) tone of temporary files to use it