Feature request: Allow telling --appimage-mount to use a specific directory

Setting $TMPDIR allows for setting where the mounting directory will be created, but there is no option the name the mount directory itself.

An example of how this would work:
example.AppImage --appimage-mount $TMPDIR/.specific_dir

Giving no additional arguments to ‘–appimage-mount’ would simply default to how it currently works with random characters.

Implementing this would lead to more convenience to the user and allow scripts to mount to specified places instead of needing to use globs to find the AppImage’s files.

Please elaborate why you’d want this.

The AppImage runtime intentionally uses an ever-changing random location to ensure that no other parts of the system depend on a hardcoded mount point. This is to ensure that the contents of the AppImages are fully relocatable in the filesystem and no hardcoded paths creep in.

One specific scenario I can think of was creating a script to run AppImages through BubbleWrap. With no option to change the mountpoint, the only other option is to change the TMPDIR then glob it out.

I could be missing something, but I don’t understand how it would allow devs to lazily create hardcoded paths inside AppImages, because this feature would need to be activated with either an environment variable or a command line flag, both of which the user fully controls.