Portable configuration data


a portable application should be portable no? this means not leaving traces in $home, %appdata, etc. deployable from a network share, usb fs, anywhere, but generating many likely conflicts from for example ~/.links2 across my network. I love what yall are driving at here but until I can see some method of like installing to a USB disk and keeping libraries [which works thus farly] AS WELL as configuration uhhh like vmwares thinapp system. Portableapps platform is another good one, again, only on windows… then again one can just write a batch script giving environmental prams set appdata=%CD%\data on some things.
dephell is never a fun place to be, i dont know where to post this but try and hear me :slight_smile: you all rock


AppImages are “portable” in the sense that you can copy the one app = one file to a different system and it should run.

They are not portable in the sense that data (such as created documents and/or settings, caches) travels with them.

But on Linux, this is quite easy to achieve:
Simply launch it like this: export HOME=/where/you/want/your/data ./some.AppImage. You can even put something like this into a script.

If have been considering to make the following feature: If there is a directory with the same name as the AppDir and a special suffix present next to the AppImage location, then use that as the $HOME for the AppImage. Would you be interested in such a functionality?


oh that is exactly what im looking for, ive already been using the bash function export HOME on several other scripts


Similar discussion: https://github.com/AppImage/AppImageSpec/issues/4


I though the same thing and that’s why I created (LinuxPA)[http://GitHub.com/CalebQ42/LinuxPA]. If you go into setting and enable common.sh it will run before the program, so you can set things such as HOME (which the default common.sh does).


https://github.com/AppImage/AppImageKit/commit/d17fdefadcb98befa66c29137ce25731256f8f2a implements the following:

  • If there is a directory with the same name as the AppImage plus .home, then export $HOME.
  • If there is a directory with the same name as the AppImage plus .config, then export $XDG_CONFIG_HOME.

All new AppImages generated with the latest continuous build of appimagetool will have this functionality.

Depending on how well this works in practice, it may become part of the spec.


Example on how to use this.

Imagine you want to use the Leafpad text editor, but carry its settings around with the executable.

You can do the following:

# Download Leafpad AppImage and make it executable
wget -c "https://bintray.com/probono/AppImages/download_file?file_path=Leafpad-" -O Leafpad-
chmod a+x Leafpad-

# Create a directory with the same name as the AppImage plus the ".config" extension
# in the same directory as the AppImage
mkdir Leafpad-

# Run Leafpad, change some setting (e.g., change the default font size)
# then close Leafpad

# Now, check where the settings were written:
linux@linux:~> find Leafpad-

Note that the file leafpadrc was written in the directory we have created before.


Hello probono,

i have follow the same step for firefox appimage.
Created Firefox-54.0.glibc2.3.4-x86_64.AppImage.config directory for Firefox-54.0.glibc2.3.4-x86_64.AppImage .
Make changes to settings in the firefox.
close it.
i don’t see any new data been saved in Firefox-54.0.glibc2.3.4-x86_64.AppImage.config directory .

please enlighten me on where are the data been saved to?

How do i make sure my data are store along with appimage in the same directory?


This AppImage does not have this functionality yet. It was introduced in a later version of AppImageKit.


First quit all currently running instances of Firefox:

killall firefox

Then download the AppImage from https://bintray.com/probono/AppImages/Firefox/56.0.2.glibc2.3.4#files

mkdir Firefox-56.0.2.glibc2.3.4-x86_64.AppImage.home

After running the AppImage, you can inspect the contents of Firefox-56.0.2.glibc2.3.4-x86_64.AppImage.home and you will see stuff has been saved there:

me@host:~/Downloads$ find Firefox-56.0.2.glibc2.3.4-x86_64.AppImage.home/ | head -n 10

Bundle appimages of programs that save data in the home folder?

See this asciicinema for a live demo:



probono: ok

thank you.