Could not find dependency

Hi all,

When running linuxdeploy-x86_64.AppImage --appdir AppDir --output appimage

I get the following error message:

-- Deploying dependencies for existing files in AppDir -- 
Deploying dependencies for ELF file AppDir/usr/bin/myapp
ERROR: Could not find dependency: ../lib/ 
ERROR: Failed to deploy dependencies for existing files 

where …/lib/ is a dependency of which is itself a dependency of myapp.

I think that as …/lib/ is not an absolute path, the shared lib is not found by linuxdeploy system ( is well present in AppDir/usr/lib).

Do you have a workaround for that ? Something that may help linuxdeploy find the ?


I solved the problem by doing:

  1. Specifying an additional absolute path to myapp toward the location of and at link time:
  2. Removing the dependency from to using patchelf:
    patchelf --remove-needed

This work, but I don’t like very much the step 2 as I am not the embree provider and I would prefer not alter their data.

Hello and welcome. linuxdeploy is a third-party tool. Please report issues regarding it at

I have opened one regarding this issue at

@remarq please come over to to discuss. The linuxdeploy author only gives support there.