ERROR: findDependencyInfo: "ldd" linuxdeployqt

When i try make a package from Qt application using the linuxdeployqt i have a error from dependency where it is not found the library, but in log i see the application try execute the ldd in a folder. I have four projects, in three the linuxdeployqt works, but in one project i have dependency errors, the script to build the projects is the same for all, changing only the folder where the source code is localizated.

I tried read the old questions from this topic, mas i do not found a solution.

This is a command that I execute trying to create a package on linux:

  • /usr/local/bin/linuxdeployqt /jenkins/softphone/packages/ -always-overwrite -no-translations -qmldir="/jenkins/softphone" -bundle-non-qt-libs

  • Where:
    /jenkins/softphone/packages/ is the full path for my executable;
    /jenkins/softphone is the full path to my source code (used to compile the binary).

This link has the linuxdeployqt log:

This is the content of the folder /jenkins/softphone/packages/

I hope someone can help me! Thanks!

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