Self-updating AppImage

I have made a library so that an AppImage can update itself. It is a Qt library and presupposes Qt as a development environment.
I use it myself in several of my programs and it has worked fine so far.
Interesting to get views!
I have made a small film and there is a small test AppImage you can try yourself.
Tools and programs that I use.

Ingemar Ceicer


Hello @p0sktomten, welcome to this forum.

This is really interesting. I am sure you were aware of QAppImageUpdate? How would you describe the differences to it?

I apologize so much for taking so long to respond.
I did not check QAppImageUpdate at all before I started trying it myself. I think my solution may not be as elegant. A little more pragmatic. I simply use QProccess to start zsync. It seems to work great so far. I have had some goals that I describe in another post. I should probably answer here instead.

Here is a movie and you can download and try it yourself.

  1. The AppImage must update itself.
  2. AppImage should be able to check for updates.
  3. .desktop files should be saved in “Desktop” and in “QStandardPaths::ApplicationsLocation”.
  4. The .desktop files should have icons