How to update appimage


Are appimage self-updating or should you manually download the new versions?

Thank you.

Hi @jony127,

AppImages (type 2 ones, technically spoken) may contain so-called “update information”. With the help of that information, our tool AppImageUpdate can efficiently download updates for your application. Just grab the latest release and open your AppImage with it, it’ll tell you whether that “update information” is available, and whether an update is available, which will then be downloaded.

Many AppImages have such update information already. If one you find does not, please step up to the author and ask them to include it. If they’re hosting their releases on GitHub, it’s really easy to implement.

Some more technical information: AppImageUpdate implements a very efficient algorithm called ZSync2, and thus just downloads the few megabytes that really changed between your local AppImage and the new release.

If you have appimaged on your computer and AppImageUpdate is somewhere on your PATH, updates get as easy as right clicking on the AppImage’s icon in your task bar while it’s running, and hitting “Update” there.