Qtwayland under xorg as well

For Qt apps, can we have a single appimage -with bundled qtwayland wayland platform plugin-
and have Qt check at runtime if we’re running xserver or wayland session?
Or do we need 2 separate appimages? (I think not)

Question was raised here

but might be interesting for other projects as well, for instance I also opened a bug here:

Thanks for the support and this awesome technology!

Hi, I avoid Wayland because it breaks all sorts of stuff, including screen sharing, screencasting, etc.

But you can bundle the Wayland Qt plugin if you like.
On non-Wayland systems, it will not be loaded. Should not cause harm.

Hi @probono and thanks for your answer!

You’re right: wayland still has some road ahead (in my case drag&drop, copy-paste, window-positioning…)
But it puts an end to all dirty compositing artifacts, and promises a lot more.