Problem setting architecture

I am a noob who is trying to understand how to build appimages. I am following this guide: I downloaded the appimagetool and resources files from here But if i run ./appimagetool-x86_64.AppImage appimage-resources/hello-world-appimage/ i get:

Unable to guess the architecture of the AppDir source directory "appimage-resources/hello-world-appimage/"
A valid architecture with the ARCH environmental variable should be provided
e.g. ARCH=x86_64 appimagetool ...

Before that i get error for missing category in the .desktop file which i fixed, but i don’t know how to fix this.

Like it literally says in the message:

 ARCH=x86_64 ./appimagetool-x86_64.AppImage appimage-resources/hello-world-appimage/

Thanks, that fixed it.

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