Issue with Inkscape 1.0 just released (as an Appimage)

When I run the Inkscape Appimage on linux KDE Neon, inkscape runs, but the print menu under this new version of inkscape shows no printers. Elsewhere on the web, a comment I saw suggested this was an Appimage issue. Somebody suggested that you can work around it by mounting the Appimage, going into the /tmp directory, finding the Inkscape folder, going into that folder and into the bin subdirectory, and you can launch inkscape there, which does have the print menu working. I did this, and it works, but it’s awkward to do so. All my other AppImage files run great–it’s only the new Inkscape 1.0 AppImage causing this issue.

Any help here?

Thanks for a great product!

Hi @gfranken, thanks for using AppImages. As this is an application-specific question, please report it over at Thank you very much.