Incomplete documentation for linux deploy

In the appImage documentation the section that is supposed to teach how to package resources into appDir, there is supposed to be an example, but there isn’t one. It just says, “The following example illustrates how an existing binary can be bundled into an AppDir:” and then breaks off into another topic.

link to the page

You should report it there: Issues · AppImage/ · GitHub

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Hi @pktiuk for a beginner like me, can you specify what issues should be reported here and on Github?

I think you should just press New issue and simply describe what is missing.
But before posting, check whether is such an issue already reported.

If you don’t know what to write and how to describe the thing you want to ask for, I recommend checking how other issues from this list are written.

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Please report linuxdeploy related issues to Issues · linuxdeploy/linuxdeploy · GitHub.
linuxdeploy is not part of the AppImage project and its author doesn’t read here.


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I would like to thank both @probono and @pktiuk for answering and clearing my confusion.

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