AppImage packaging tutorial?

I’m just getting started trying to use AppImage (but nevertheless under pressure to get one built in a situation where I don’t think there is any other workable solution).

I watched a video showing the use of something called AppImageAssistant, but now as I read through the packaging documentation it appears there’s a new helper app one is expected to use called linuxdeploy-x86_64.AppImage ? Since no mention of AppImageAssistant so far in the packaging documentation, is this a deprecated or obsoleted tool? Is there a tutorial available for current best practices in building AppImages?


Starting to look like I’m not going to get a response to this, so will continue to read through the documentation. As an aside, as I read through the Spinx-based documentation I’m finding lots of typos. Is there any way to contribute to getting these fixed?

Hello @pgoetz welcome to AppImage.

AppImageAssistant has been deprecated a long time ago.

Depending on how your application is made, there are much more specialized tools available today.
Please see for documentation on how to generate AppImages.

Thanks, probono! I’ve already been reading through this documentation, hence my confusion. In reading through the documentation I’m finding quite a number of typos. Should I just post an errata list to the forum?

Hi @pgoetz it would be awesome if you could send pull requests for fixing the typos on If you do not know how to do this, then please open an issue at to list the typos.

Thank you very much, contributions like this are highly appreciated. :+1: