How to create OpenSees to be an Appimage?

Good Morning,

I want to learn how to build OpenSees ( to be an appimage. I’m using Manjaro, somehow AUR package failed to build, OpenSees only work when it build from Ubuntu 18.04 library.

#This bash script can be used to download and compile opensees both on Ubuntu and Debian.

sudo apt -y install git
git clone
sudo apt -y install make
sudo apt -y install tcl8.6
sudo apt -y install tcl8.6-dev
sudo apt -y install gcc
sudo apt -y install g++
sudo apt -y install gfortran
sudo apt -y install python3-dev
mkdir -p bin
mkdir -p lib
cd OpenSees/
cp ./MAKES/Makefile.def.EC2-UBUNTU ./Makefile.def
sed -i 's,'^HOME.*$','HOME="$HOME"','  Makefile.def


Thank you.

Hi @antman, welcome to AppImage.

Please request an AppImage from the OpenSees authors at

Thank you.

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I’m sorry Sir, Do you mean I have to make an issue requesting AppImage on OpenSees github?


Thank you

Yes, exactly. Thank you very much.