Cozy Appimage onto Ubuntu 19 (Docker)


I’m trying to install Cozy in Docker container. I have extracted the Appimage file but still have issue to launch it.

root@ubuntu19_cozy:/Cozy# ./squashfs-root/AppRun
xdg-icon-resource is missing. Skipping ./squashfs-root/AppRun.
./squashfs-root/AppRun: line 50: /app/cozydrive: No such file or directory

It was supposed to be easy but not so easy for a newby like me!

Thanks for you help

Please report the issue to the Cozy project.

Be sure to include the OS and version you are running, and any error messages that may appear when you try to run the AppImage from the command line.


We cannot help you here. We just make the tools that can be used by the Cozy project to produce AppImages. We don’t make the AppImages of Cozy.