Chromium Browser FreeBSD AppDir "Demo"

I’m trying to create a functional appimage in FreeBSD , this script is just a demonstration to generate an appimage on FreeBSD and FreeBSD variants the end result does not generate a functional appimage, but it can run directly in the chromium.AppDir folder " ./AppRun " .

when running the created appimage gives the following error

sh: ./chromium-84.0.4147.135.AppImage: Exec format error

access off the script at the following address

Not sure how this relates to AppImage.

Looks more like you are trying to make a functional AppDir on FreeBSD?

In order not to confuse people, please don’t call related concepts “AppImage”. defines what an AppImage is.

As for FreeBSD, I am currently experimenting with it. Please also see this relevant discussion; feel free to chime in there:

ok, did not want to cause confusion, but this .AppDir is functional just test on FreeBSD.

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Yes, I also have functional AppDirs on FreeBSD…