Boostnote AppImage


here is my first AppImage build:

Hello, thank you very much. Have you already submitted it to

Not yet, is there a related guide I can follow ?

Was that hard to find?

Hello, thanks for the link.

Actually yes, it is hard to find the link and the documentation is not very user friendly.
I am saying this with respect on your work and effort.

If you dont mind, please let me give you an example of what I am trying to explain:

The landing page for AppImage is
From there it’s not very clear (at least to me, a first timer with AppImage) where I can find appimage files/builds.

Clicking on community, I got here. So I have to register and I’ve noticed a lot of apps. Clicking on one of them, I visited

But even then, to find the above link, you have to click on ALL and you have to recognize that " Something missing? " is actually a link to where and how to submit a new app. Today was my first time, clicking on that link!! I wasnt sure that something missing is the link on submitting a new app. I guess this is my mistake.

I now know, that clicking on the wiki link in its a shorter road.

And now reading the notes for the first time:
I have to fork the project, at that point I’ve realized there are a few restrictions. I am using gitlab-ci for builds, so I need to change the gitlab project to respect these restrictions.

I’ve started but I am not sure due that I can find the time today to finish everything (testing Ubuntu 16.04, using wget! Must pass and I dont even know what is AppStream metainfo file or even desktop-file-validate means.

I am very new to AppImage or even electron.

If you are counting how many clicks/pages I have to read/scroll just to understand the whole process then I guess you see how hard it is. I am using linux for 20years now, archlinux for the last 10. I am used to build every package and configuration by hand.

But this looks hard for me.

I will try, I think AppImage is a very good approach in Desktop enviroment.

Thanks again and sorry for the long reply.

Thank you very much for your feedback, which I appreciate.