How to use AppImageKit?

Which AppImageKit file i have to download and how to use it to create appimage? I downloaded few AppImageKit versions from github release page, then changed their permission with chmod a+x, but when i try to execute them i get errors for all of them. I am using debian 10.

There should be a step by step guide to make it easier for everyone to create appimages. Information in docs is not very straight forward for beginners.

Hi @emil_9822 and welcome to AppImage. Please see for detailed documentation.

Which application would you like to make an AppImage for? Are you the application’s author? (Otherwise you may be better of asking the author of the application nicely to provide an AppImage.)

I want to create AppImage for Kodi, but it doesn’t seem that easy as i thought it will be.

Maybe check this out:

There is an AppImage for download: