Big news, QQ Music supports AppImage

QQ Music is a music production about music and video, it belongs to Tencent Music Entertainment Group(TME), and TME belongs to Tencent Group, the Chinese greatest company.
QQ Music has about 400 million users and 80 million paying users.
Last year, they supports Linux (only x86_64, but maybe support arm64 in short future).
Now, QQ Music release AppImage version for Linux user, it has been tested on Ubuntu and officially supports Archlinux, fedora, Debian etc. They has a offical user-support channel in QQ.
If you want to test it, please visit QQ音乐下载页 - QQ音乐,音乐你的生活! to download.

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Thanks for letting us know @shouhuanxiaoji - this is exciting news indeed.

Maybe the information could be added to QQ Music - Wikipedia where it doesn’t mention Linux so far.