AppImage at QtCon Berlin Sep 3-5, 2016

I will be holding a lightning talk Packaging Qt software for Linux using AppImage: Many Qt based projects are cross-platform, yet it is not easy to provide packages for all Linux distributions. AppImage can solve that by letting application developers package software in a standalone, self-mounting image that bundles everything the application needs to run on various Linux distributions. Among the projects present at QtCon, MuseScore and Peruse are already using it.

Friday, September 2, 17:30, room A03

Also don’t miss the presentation Continuous tests and distribution for Qt applications on desktop and mobile. The presentation will show how the MuseScore project uses Travis CI to build and run the tests for every push but also every pull requests made to the project. It will also show how Travis-CI is used to deliver self contained binaries for Linux (AppImage) on x86_64, x86 and ARM on

Saturday, September 3, 16:30, room A03

The application covered in the talk Peruse and the Art of Comic Book Distribution is distributed as an AppImage.

Saturday, September 3, 11:45, room A04

Let me know if you are going and would like to meet!

As a developer using Qt I think this is excellent. You only need to take a look at the Qt for Linux deployment webpage to know that the solution that AppImage provides is desperately needed here.

I assume the dates in your post should be September rather than August though!

Thanks for catching. Of course September!

AppImage is quite the topic at QtCon 2016, showing up in various talks and places :slight_smile: