AppImage at All Things Open, Raleigh, NC, Oct 26-27

October 26 - 27 / 2016
Raleigh Convention Center
Raleigh, NC

Self-Contained Applications With AppImage

by Klaatu Einzelganger

In the interest of reporting back: this talk went really well. During the 45 minute session, I introduced AppImage, discussed why it should be used, and how they are created. I created an AppImage in a Centos 6 virtual machine, and then demonstrated that it worked on my Slackware host laptop. Then I put the AppImage on a thumbdrive and passed it around to audience members, one using Fedora and the other using Ubuntu, and they each confirmed that it worked as expected.

Next time, maybe a longer session, to discuss all the many features of AppImage, or maybe just a Birds of a Feather session at a conference, to find out how people are using AppImages, or to demonstrate how AppImages might be used.

Thanks for spreading the word @notklaatu and for letting us know how it went. It’s really important to make AppImage known, since we have no big corporation, funding, or resources behind us. So we are totally dependent on word-of-mouth.

Thank you!