ARMv5 Okular AppImage

I have a tablet Asus EA800 with the following parameters:
ARMv5 soft-float CPU
Linux kernel: 2.6.21
Glibc: 2.8
QT: 4.6.2
All compiled with GCC 4.3.2
I read about LibcWrapGenerator and glibc_version_header (it seems x86_64 code only).
I tried packages from Archlinux ARM for ARMv5 and it fails with error:
" / version `GLIBC_2.17’ not found "
Is it possible to compile AppImage for such tablet and make Okular AppImage for it ? Maybe it is possible to use binary packages from Archlinux ARM and with newer Glibc inside AppImage ?
Please help with this problem. Tablet is old but rather unique with wacom tablet.


Please ask the Ocular authors to provide an AppImage for ARM. We only make the tools which application authors can use to produce AppImages.